Wholistic Training

21 Aug

I’m a paradox. I know it. I hide it. I hate it. I know the truth and don’t follow it. When you commit yourself to making good choices toward a healthy lifestyle, it goes way beyond running. It may be farther than I’m willing to go. Time will tell. I’ve just found my new battleground.

It’s all Elementary

I’m not going to rock your world with anything new in this post. I’m not going to knock your socks off with new information. In fact, your socks will probably rot to your feet with boredom, but you need to hear this stuff anyway. Again.

Eat Right


Stay Active

End post.

Nachyo Mama

We didn’t listen to our moms anyway did we? We should have. Curfews were in our best interest. Candy is bad for our teeth. Well sure, but now we know it’s bad for our waistline too. Mama didn’t know that. Well, for this post, I’m your mama.

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Go to Bed Young Man!!

I’m not going to bore you with studies in this post. There are other blogs out there that do that. You’ve read the studies. You’ve heard 8 hours of sleep. You’ve also heard sleep needs vary and that a minimum adults need is 6. So you (and everyone else) has assumed that you’re that super human that needs only 6… then you push it to 5 cause you’re special and tougher than most. That’s all BS. You need 8. All of you. You know it and you don’t want to do it. Don’t lie to yourself anymore.

I suck at this one. I have 3 kids that are never quiet. I can’t get anything done at home…. UNTILLLL 8pm rolls around. That’s finally my chance to get stuff done. But I don’t. I surf till my eyes blur and then I go to bed. Too late. Even if you ARE getting stuff done late, you need to let go and go to sleep. You’re more productive when you’re rested anyway. Eventually coffee will fail you. It’s a personal armageddon when you start missing appointments and get raging migraines. Been there, done that.

Eat Your Vegetables Junior!!

Bagels, cereal, pasta, pizza, candy, Pepsi. Carbs baby. We love em. Salad is what food eats. Okay, that just angered my vegan friends. Sorry folks. I’m just speaking to the general population that doesn’t eat enough veggies.

Cut em up and have em ready to go in the fridge so you can grab cut veggies when hunger hits between meals. Make your main entrees smaller so that you can fit the ruff-age in your stomach. Eat smaller meals more often so your stomach shrinks and your metabolism stays active.

Okay, okay, no more how to. You know all this stuff. I’ve talked about it before. Oh! This one’s specifically for beginning runners using the sport to lose weight: don’t think you’ve earned much indulgence for your efforts. We all tend to eat over what we burn in the reward. Best to count your calories via an app that makes it easy. That WILL open your eyes. The truth shall set you free.

Wholistic Running

I’ve known all this for like… ever. Same as you. People said when I started running I would naturally crave better food. Um… no. I wish. Now, I HAVE learned what foods make me feel like garbage. I’ve learned which foods fuel me and which foods I can eat on a run. So I guess in part they were right. But overall I still just eat too much. It’s so much harder for me to control this part of my life than running.

I still don’t sleep enough. I just don’t wanna lose that bit of “me time” at night. I think I need it. Then I start to struggle to get stuff done during the day and start to battle with depression again until I get to the point when I know I have to set a bed-time like I’m 12.

Truth is a lot of us ARE still 12. We need to start making adult decisions that are good for us. No fun. Play-time’s over. Give up your candy and toys and get healthy already.

Eating, Sleeping as Training for Race Day

I want to lose weight. I want to finish this 50 mile race 2 months from now. I write this post because I realize that in order to get where I want to go, all of my priorities need to align. Going to bed at a reasonable hour becomes training for race day. Fueling my body with quality food and shedding excess weight is an integral part of race-day strategy. My body needs to know what to expect and get on board with my goals. I’m sending it mixed messages.

I’m not sure this ultra-running thing is going to last in my life, but even if this is my one and only ultra, I’ve finally reached the distance at which I am forced to make a change in the other areas of health in which I’ve been slacking.

Don’t want to end up running 50 miles to make these changes? Good. Your Mama taught you well. Make her smile and start today. Oh, and for crying out loud, call her more often. Real men hug their mamas.

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