Top 10 Reasons to Run

12 Jun

No.1, To Look Good in Short Shorts…

..or to not have your gut hang over your favorite belt buckle.

Running gets you trim and fit, which increases your confidence and sense of worth. Guys deal with self image issues too. I think it’s why there are more women than men at the local YMCA… us guys are too embarrassed to show others how much we’ve let go of ourselves. Get over it and get moving again.

No.2, Increased Energy

Keep at running a mere month or so and you’ll notice a change in this department.  I won’t lie to you:  in that first month or so you’re likely to feel more fatigued (and sore!), but keep with it.

Too tired to run?  Do it anyway!  Running at a moderate rate (with walking sprinkled in if you need) is often better than a nap to give me that shot of afternoon energy I need.  Real, lasting energy doesn’t come in a bottle.  

No.3, Longer Life

Duh.  SOOO many health conditions are linked to excess weight that I won’t even bother listing them.  You know what they are.  You know that they’re looming.  Now is the time to do something about them.

Diabetes runs in my family.  I WILL develop it if I don’t lose weight now.  When I do get it I will have to change my diet and lose weight or I’ll start losing appendages, my eye-sight, and possibly die.  Does it make any sense at all to wait until I have the condition to change my life rather than make those changes and avoid it in the first place?!

I’ve said it elsewhere, but we need to get in shape not just for ourselves, but for our families.  I want my grandkids to enjoy my company and vise versa.  When we are fit we give our world the best version of ourselves.  

No.4, More Food!!!

That last one got a little heavy on the guilt trip, this one is all for you!  Run for 30 minutes and you just bought yourself roughly 500 extra calories to eat (once you reach your weight loss goals).

Ultra-runners are known to eat crazy things on their long running adventures.  Dean Karnazes, Author of “Ultramarathon Man” (affiliate link) and avid, self-promoting ultrarunning-crazy-man has eaten things such as an entire cheesecake* on a run.  He will even call to have a pizza* delivered on a corner during his long runs sometimes.

*RMSL accepts no responsibility or liability if you attempt to eat such foods on a run.

No.5, Stress Relief

I have three wonderfully intelligent and energetic kids.  They are six, five, and three years old.  My house is never quiet.  Okay, I do get like an hour and a half of quiet after they go to bed.  I take an extra hour of my sleep away to stay up in that quiet.  

Running makes me a better dad.  It’s two-fold.  Chemically I get my endorphins and feel so much better and less stressed.  During the time that these happy drugs are being released into my body, I get time for quiet and to think.  When I think in this manner I realize how blessed I am to be a dad of wonderful little people.

It makes it easier to respond to comments like this one from yesterday, “Dad!  Britta just dropped her bear in the toilet!”

No.6, Being able to out-run Predators

Mountain lions, bears, wolves, soccer moms in SUVs… let’s be honest, you’ll never outrun any of them.  The good news is that you only need to be faster than the people you’re with!

No.7, Mood Stabilization

Suffer from depression, or bi-polar disorder? There’s no shame in it. It’s not your fault. Since college I’ve dealt with depression and only recently did I discover that I’m bi-polar. It was a blow to my ego, but it helped explain a few things. I’ll have my days. If you have a mental condition so will you.

On those days I especially need running. Some days my wife looks at me with compassion in her eyes and says, “You need to get out and run.” Even though in that state I don’t want to do anything, I know she’s right and I’m often out the door in less than 10 minutes. I come back, not necessarily happy, but functional.

No.8, Peer Pressure

Everyone is doing it.  Not really, but it seems like that lately.  The year I ran my first half and full marathons there were tons of family members that had decided to run a half marathon.  Find a friend or family member and get in shape together.  Sibling rivalry is a powerful thing…

No.9, See More of the World

By this I don’t mean exotic locations.  I’m talking about the extraordinary, abundant life and beauty around us that we cruise past in our cars.  It’s fun how the land looks different based on the speed at which you’re traveling.  You can digest a lot more of the scenery on foot.

I’ve said for some time that I get to know a town through my feet and that’s what I mean.  I see more of it.  I feel more connected to it.  I knew every road, alley, and little side-path through the woods of my childhood home.  Now I drive too darn much.  I’ve lived in my current city for eight years now and I don’t know it half as well.

It’s time for us kids to hit the streets again and while we’re out there let’s BE like kids.  My next running goal is to run to the top of the town’s parking garage a few times.  Why?  Because it looks like fun of course!  

No.10, Because I said So!!

So get out there already, or I’m coming out after you!

NEXT UP… “Top 10 Reasons We Stop Running” Learn what throws you off your rhythm and how, like Stella, you too can get your groove back.

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  1. Benjamin C. Stegeman June 13, 2012 at 4:21 am #

    what ever you need to say to yourself to keep you doing it… lol

  2. Jamie June 13, 2012 at 2:29 pm #

    Great post, love. :)

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