Get Your Own Race Bro

5 Jul

One-hundred percent of this blog up till this point has been positive and uplifting and I plan to keep it overwhelmingly so, but can I go on a bit of a rant? Am I allowed every now and then? I’ll shoot for ninety-eight percent positive, but I feel it imperative to warn you against becoming the kind of guy outlined in this post. Trust me, you don’t want to be this guy.

He Lives in Me

I almost turned into that which I hate. I didn’t realize that I was dangerously close to such self-loathing. I didn’t even know that I didn’t like people who did what I was consider doing. They used to be my heroes.

Fallen Heroes

They didn’t live there in my good graces very long. My first exposure to ultra running was to Dean Karnazes. He’s probably the most famous ultra runner alive today. He’s not the best, but I don’t begrudge his fame as some do. He’s a great marketer. He brings exposure to the sport. He works his butt off to wow and entertain the public. He ran a marathon in Antarctica and then ran around the South Pole naked. Awesome. Ill-advised, but awesome. He ran fifty marathons in fifty states in fifty days. Again, awesome (and again, ill-advised).

Not so Awesome

Here’s my beef (finally!). He’s also done things like running a relay team event (200 miles) solo. He’s run tons of miles to the start of a marathon, run the marathon, and run home. I used to think these things were awesome too.

In fact, recently I signed up to run the Green Bay Marathon and was tempted by my friend’s offer to run approximately six miles to the starting line of the race, effectively making our run a 50k (31 miles). It sounded like a fun adventure, but there was another consideration, the other friend that planned on running the race with us. It was his first marathon.

The first marathon is special. I wept at mine. They are a huge accomplishment that one should be allowed to celebrate. I didn’t want to do anything to put a damper on or a doubt in this accomplishment for my friend. I wanted us to lift our ales in victory together as finishers of the race before us. I didn’t want to stand taller than my friend, having achieved more.

My Fragile Ego

Mmmm… Eggos. Woah, sorry, hungry I guess.

I’m running in a 50 mile race this october. I had the nice surprise recently to find out that an acquaintance of mine is going to be running it as part of a relay team. She has done it before and said that it’s a great event. She then said that there is someone that always runs from the finish to the start during the night and then runs the race, making it 100 miles for them. Why??

There are a lot of ultra races out there. There are several 100 mile races a year in Wisconsin alone. Why make a 50 miler into 100 miles? Sign up for a 100 miler and leave us folks who are accomplishing something special alone. It hurts my feelings when you belittle my achievement… I mean dwarf, CRUSH my achievement. Okay it doesn’t hurt my feelings or my ego, but it does cheese me off a little. It seems like an attention-grabbing, selfish thing to do.

A Solution

If you cannot resist making a little bonus challenge of something, here is what you do: do it and never tell a soul (aside from a spouse, or your mommy) that you did it. If you can’t do that then your motives are wrong. Actually tell anyone that you like, just not anyone at the race, newspapers, or the race-director. I’m completely fine with you feeling that you’re superior to all the other runners, just keep that feeling to yourself. If you can’t then maybe you need some counseling to answer the question of why you need the extra attention.

Better yet, GET YOUR OWN RACE BRO! Okay, rant over. Am I off base? Let me know your thoughts about this type of behavior.

3 Responses to “Get Your Own Race Bro”

  1. JL July 11, 2012 at 2:18 pm #

    Dude… DUDE! All this means is that we should run it three times instead of twice :)

    Most of my low moments in running are due to comparisons with other runners. Let us ignore what other people are doing (unless we were hoping to get unique attention for our pursuits and someone else beat us to it… zing).

    • Brandon July 11, 2012 at 9:17 pm #

      Ha! I’ll start at the weeny achievement of once. These were thoughts I had AFTER the Green Bay (1/2) Marathon. At the time I was tempted and if Josh hadn’t been there it would have fallen into the category of “something awesome just between friends… and spouses….. and co-workers, relatives, neighbors, and every stranger we meet that wasn’t in the race.” :-P

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