Eating My Words

31 Jul

I thought this blog was for you. I started this blog because I wanted to inspire others to be more active and make lifestyle choices that promote wellness. Those words even sound like fluff as I type them. This blog has come full circle to bite me in the backside. I’ve been lapped by myself and now I’m eating my own words. Apparently this blog is for me.


I’m struggling right now. My wife and I are wedding photographers. Summer is our busy season. We’re busy. I’m nearing burn-out. I have to become increasingly creative to get my runs in. It’s impinging on my vegging-out time. My reading time. My sleeping time. My just plain do-nothing time. It’s hot and I’m not sleeping well. I’m not eating great and it’s affecting my workouts. I’m just sucking it up all over the place lately.


I told you this blog was about me. But I’m even tired of myself and the crappy attitude I’m carrying. So what to do?

I hear the words of past blog posts mocking me on my lackluster medium distance runs. “Do it anyway.” “Running sparks energy better than napping.” “If you tell me you don’t have time to exercise you’re lying.” “You NEED to track your calories.”

Right now I want to plug my ears and say “Shut up, shut up, shut up!” to myself, but it’s not working. This blog is my conscience now.

Doing What’s Right

You know as well as I do how easy it is to shut that angel on the shoulder up. Alcohol makes his words incoherent. Ear buds are a great way to drown out his words and TV is always more entertaining than wisdom. I like to smother mine in ice cream until he dies. I’m glad that little bugger is immortal. Sorta.

I’m not saying any of these things are wrong in and of themselves. I just think we all have abused one or more of them at some point. I think I’ll need them all to shut up my blog right now. It’s an unstoppable force of conviction that gets me out the door and I’m glad for that… though ice cream beer does sound delicious.

Doing What’s Right Again

…and again and again and again. Fall down and get back up again. Never stop getting back up. You can nap when you’re dead. That was my assertion today after I napped instead of going to the YMCA. Yes I had to get up to change a diaper and spent 20 minutes searching for wipes. I found them in the minivan from our camping trip. I changed diaper and then spent another 30 minutes fretting about not getting the sleep I desperately needed for the day.

Or so I told myself. How easily I forget those days of newborn babes. You don’t NEED your sleep. It certainly helps, but need? No. My wife and I got by. Oh, and by the way, real men FREAKING CHANGE THE DIAPERS TOO. Especially the 3am ones. Give your wife a break. Men, serve your wives and families until it breaks you. I’m sliding to the grave exhausted and used up for the ones I love. Yeah that’s right, I can spit it lyrically, but I walk it too… ask my wife.

So I’ve gone from feeling sorry for myself to lecturing you about how to be a good husband/father. I’m not sure how that happens, but I’m going with it.

Believe me, right now I need those words too. Real men eat their words. Put your conscience on the internet or on paper and see what happens.

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