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Call of the Wild

11 Dec

I’m moving back to Minnesota. I really hope my wife and kids come with me. I kinda like them. Plus we are having a baby in January and I really want it to know its father. BUT…

When a man falls in love with a trail, all other loves become secondary.

It’s a deep and forgotten love—this love of the woods and trails. This post may get a bit mushy; it may in fact break out into sonnets. No limericks though, I promise (or apologize, depending upon your personality).

I say this now before I’ve written the rest of this post: This will be one of the best pieces I’ve written because it comes from my deep heart. Want to be inspired? Stick around. click to read more

How to Find Your Ideal Race Distance

16 Nov

I’m not qualified to write this post.  So you’re perfectly qualified to not read it.  BUT, if you don’t mind a good dose of theorizing and anecdotal evidence, then read on.  I think it will be good for all of us.  If you’re still not sure what is your favorite length race, then you’d better stick around.  I’ll give you some good things to consider in your quest. Click to Read More

Freaking OUT. I’m Running @#$%* 50 Miles!!!

11 Oct

Sorry about that. That’s the release of all the excitement I’m feeling about my upcoming race. I have purposely avoided writing about it overmuch, but now I can’t take it any more. In 9 days I’m going to shatter my old distance record and I can’t hold anything else in my brain long enough to write about it so this is what you’ll get. I’ll try not to use too many emoticons. ;) LOL!! Click to read more!!!

The Trainer, Session 5, Part II

9 Oct

Do you love getting a good massage? When was the last time you had one? What if I told you that for the around $20 you can have a deep tissue massage everyday for a long, long time? Yes, friends it’s true… no gimmick. Don’t believe me? Click to Find Out How

Run Long the Right Way

5 Oct

At 2pm on a Sunday I’m finally out the door and on the road. I’m going long again. For the past several weeks that’s meant 20+ miles. My heart isn’t in it any more. I’ve told myself that it’s burnout, but I’m starting to suspect there’s more to it than that.

I’ve gotten brazen. Lazy even. I roll out on to the roads when I feel like it. I put in the time, eat, a meal and take a nap. I shrug off my wife’s praise of the effort I put in. It doesn’t feel like I’ve done anything special. Maybe it doesn’t feel that way because I haven’t given the long run its due respect.

Are you in the last weeks of marathon or half marathon training and approaching burnout? Read this post to learn where the REAL importance of a weekly long run lies, it may be just what you need to recharge late in the game. click to continue

How to use Reverse Psychology to get Yourself to Run

26 Sep

I was a reverse psychology major in college. Which means, I think that I know how to give people issues. Either that or the piece of paper I earned in under a month online may not be 100% legitimate. Either way I’m going to try out what I’ve learned in this week’s post and tell you why you shouldn’t read this blog. click to read more

Country Running Survival Guide

20 Sep

Trempealeau County, Wisconsin, USA. Deep dairyland. With its lush, rolling hills through field and forest, it is a running paradise. It is also the home[stead] of my wife’s family. Along my route this weekend I passed Thoma Rd (dad-in-law) and Franson Rd (mom-in-law). By the way my wife points at parcels of land that her family farmed, you’d be hard pressed to find soil that they haven’t tilled.

We visited last weekend to wrap up our week of camping. We stayed at “Grandma Green’s” (her real name of Irene mispronounced somewhere along the line by a grandchild) in Whitehall, a town of 1,500 people. The Kwik Trip cafe is the life of downtown. The food is good. The people are friendly. It’s storybook heartland, USA.

Of course I had to run it. Then I had to write it. Then you had to read it. You won’t want to miss the survival tips I’ve assembled near the end of the post. The life you save may just be your own… click to save your life

How to Become Addicted to Good Health

7 Sep

Have you reached a point of despair with diet and exercise? Do you do well for a period of a week or two and then falter and throw in the towel? Repeat this cycle long enough and it’s easy to lose hope. If this is you I have some good news (for a change) and no, I’m not trying to sell you anything. click to read more

Wholistic Training

21 Aug

I’m a paradox. I know it. I hide it. I hate it. I know the truth and don’t follow it. When you commit yourself to making good choices toward a healthy lifestyle, it goes way beyond running. It may be farther than I’m willing to go. Time will tell. I’ve just found my new battleground.


Hearing Voices

2 Aug

They say three’s a crowd. No one likes to be the third wheel. So it’s out of consideration that I won’t run with you. It’s not you, it’s me. It would just be awkward and uncomfortable anyway. You see I’ve already got a running partner and he’s the jealous type. I mean I am. I mean he is. We both are. Wha??