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The Rogue 50

8 Feb

This Saturday, February 11 I am running 50 miles.  Before you ask me the most common questions about this endeavor, I’ll fill you in.  

A.  There is no race, medal or tee-shirt… there is also no entry fee.
B.  I’m doing it on a treadmill at the YMCA in Fond du Lac, WI.
C.  Nope, no charity this time, but the next time there will be.
D.  I am not insane.
E.  I don’t exactly know why I’m doing it and that’s okay with me.

Baby I was Born this Way

I read a book several months ago called Born to Run by Christopher McDougall (affiliate link).  In it the author makes a strong case that the human body evolved into one of the most efficient running machines on the planet.  I say were designed as such, but other than that I support his science and love the conclusion.

I’ve known it was true since childhood.  I think I only walked indoors and only when teachers were watching.  Running feels good.  Every kid can testify to this.

Every adult would too if we weren’t prisoners of stress, crushed low by the burdens we carry.  I defy you to read Born to Run and remain in a sedentary lifestyle.  

Prone to the Epic

As a child I saw grand adventures all around me.  We’d go to the lake and I’d dream of ways to conquer it.  In one week when I was 12, I rowed around it’s edge, swam halfway across, and biked around it.  That lake was mine.  

When I lived in CO I climbed the mountains, I ran in them, I repelled down them, jumped in their frozen lakes and rode horses at a gallop through them.  I don’t think anyone ever bests a mountain, but by golly I tried.


Yes, double meaning there.  I got married.  I had 3 kids in 5 years.  I bought a house… and a minivan (yes, real men drive minivans too).  I settled.  

These things are great, but somewhere in the midst of these things I forgot who I was.  I forgot that I was born to run.  I forgot that I learn the land on my feet.  I interact with the world as I run on it and with it.

Real Men Need Adventure

…and so do the people they love.  I’m a better father/neighbor/employee/friend when I pursue my passions.  Everyone benefits when a man suits up and heads out into the world to pursue his dreams.  

Saturday I get 50 miles closer to mine.  Today I got 432 words closer.

What’s yours?