Will run for: Eloise Hope Swanson!!!

27 Feb

“The Birth Announcement Post.” ☺ (3 weeks late) She was born January 23 at 2am. She weighed ___ lbs ___ oz and was __ long.* My apologies to the women who read this blog. Men, A: don’t remember those stats, and B: don’t care. These two factors probably impact each other.

*Okay, normally, my wife isn’t around while I blog, but since she is sitting across from me and would probably get mad at that intro to this announcement post, I now consult her to find that Eloise was 5 lbs, 14 oz and was 19.5” long. ☺ (I now confess that I did in fact remember those stats… but I still find them silly and meaningless)

I don’t know about you, but my kids are a major motivator in my decision to pursue my running goals. Let me tell you why and if you’re a parent, this may be the most powerful post you’ve ever read to encourage you on your path to fitness. click to read more

Why it’s okay to Suck at Cross-Training

17 Jan

I almost cried at personal training today. I didn’t happen to glance out the window and watch a kitten get hit by a car either. (okay, hang on a second, that thought made me tear-up a little too… yeesh, I’m a mess!) My old, hard-core trainer who threatened to throw me out of a second story window is still safely out of state. My new trainer is super encouraging, so that wasn’t it either.

I signed up for twelve personal training sessions and a cardio/core-strength boot camp class at our local YMCA. I’ve been trying to tell people for some time that I’m not really all that “fit.” People always give me a bit of an askance look when I say this. If they had seen me at the gym for boot camp or personal training today I think they would understand what I mean.

Yes, I run far. I’m moderately fast for a very long time. BUT, I have a weakness I’ve been hiding for some time. I woke up one morning to find that someone had surgically removed my abdominal muscles to sell them on the black-market. I’m not sure why—I doubt they got much of anything for them. click here to read more

Call of the Wild

11 Dec

I’m moving back to Minnesota. I really hope my wife and kids come with me. I kinda like them. Plus we are having a baby in January and I really want it to know its father. BUT…

When a man falls in love with a trail, all other loves become secondary.

It’s a deep and forgotten love—this love of the woods and trails. This post may get a bit mushy; it may in fact break out into sonnets. No limericks though, I promise (or apologize, depending upon your personality).

I say this now before I’ve written the rest of this post: This will be one of the best pieces I’ve written because it comes from my deep heart. Want to be inspired? Stick around. click to read more

Real Men Wear Spandex?

4 Dec

It all happened so quickly– I’m still reeling in fact. Suddenly I own compression shorts. I don’t know who I am anymore. Do you know how much crap I gave my friend in high school for wearing bike shorts? I’ll just say it got a bit brutal at times. The more I write the blog, the more I realize how many apologies I owe.

NAH! He deserved it and so do I. Spandex is weird. What could persuade me to purchase so much of a product I’ve long maligned? click to hear my big news!

How to Find Your Ideal Race Distance

16 Nov

I’m not qualified to write this post.  So you’re perfectly qualified to not read it.  BUT, if you don’t mind a good dose of theorizing and anecdotal evidence, then read on.  I think it will be good for all of us.  If you’re still not sure what is your favorite length race, then you’d better stick around.  I’ll give you some good things to consider in your quest. Click to Read More

Fall 50 Ultramarathon Finisher!

31 Oct


If you had told me three years ago that I was going to run a 50 mile race, I would have called you crazy. Okay, no, I would have said, “50 mile race you say…” and rubbed my slightly chubbier chin. I was born to go long. I’m still trying to figure out just how long that is. All I know for now is that it was an incredible experience to run 50 miles along a picturesque portion of Lake Michigan shoreline last weekend. The weather was perfect. The people were fantastic. I ran with friends and made new ones. The tale is epic, so grab a cup of your favorite warm beverage (or beer, or wine) and join me as I recount the weekend’s highlights. click to read more

Live from the Fall 50 Race in Door County!

20 Oct

The Fall 50 race in Door County has begun! This is Jamie, Brandon’s wife signing in, to welcome you to the site and update about the race as much as I can while driving our support vehicle with the kiddos along. Well, I’ll stop driving before I update, I promise, and do it as often as I have internet access and am not chasing down our kids or cheering on my favorite man!

Live from the Fall 50 Race in Door County, WI 2012!

Beautiful morning for the Fall 50

Are you at the race?

If you saw our support vehicle along the way, thanks for taking a moment to stop by and see what this was all about! Leave a comment below letting us know how the race is going for you and your runners (whether you’re running it solo, as a team, or just along to support the rest!)

Share your photos from the race!

We’ve got a Facebook Page where you can upload your photos from the day and share with others – please stop over, “like” the page, and upload a photo (or several) to share.

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You can check out more about Brandon and his preparation for the Fall 50 (his first ultra) by browsing through the site.

I’ll post a photo of our support vehicle here – I’m sure it’ll be awesome!

If you see us along the route, feel free to say hi! We’d love to meet you!

Best wishes to all the runners out there! Have a fabulous race!

8 Tips for a Better Race Week Experience

18 Oct

It’s ironic, the reason I’m struggling to write this post is because I haven’t yet done what I’m going to tell you to do. It’s race week for me– the perfect time to walk you through my foolproof plan to reduce stress in the days leading up to and through the race. Think you’re ready for your race? Click HERE to be Certain

Freaking OUT. I’m Running @#$%* 50 Miles!!!

11 Oct

Sorry about that. That’s the release of all the excitement I’m feeling about my upcoming race. I have purposely avoided writing about it overmuch, but now I can’t take it any more. In 9 days I’m going to shatter my old distance record and I can’t hold anything else in my brain long enough to write about it so this is what you’ll get. I’ll try not to use too many emoticons. ;) LOL!! Click to read more!!!

The Trainer, Session 5, Part II

9 Oct

Do you love getting a good massage? When was the last time you had one? What if I told you that for the around $20 you can have a deep tissue massage everyday for a long, long time? Yes, friends it’s true… no gimmick. Don’t believe me? Click to Find Out How